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The 2pir collection offers furniture for bedrooms and teenager rooms.
It focuses on gentle forms and allows
you to add prints on the fronts of selected furniture. The colours of hazel and beige
are associated with natural, pleasant hues.
An important element of the collection is the lighting, which defines the mood in the room. You can choose a relaxing, dispersed light or mounted elegant reading lamps.
for reading. Light can also be installed in wardrobes.
You can adjust its brightness with a remote control.
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There are two types of headboards available for the bed - a high, upholstered one or a simple one made of a laminate board. If you choose the option with a storage box in the headboard, you will have additional space for pillows, a blanket or other necess

2pir allows you to create your own concept of the interior - you can choose furniture with or without print. In the version for teenagers, 2pir is a dynamic collection with graphic art in the skating style. The print for the teenager's room was designed b

The furniture is made of a modern laminate board, and the fronts remain perfectly smooth without any handles thanks to the push-to-open system.

The 2pir collection was designed by Piotr Kuchciński.

s192.5/g58/w216.5 cm
s144/g58/w216.5 cm
s96.5/g58/w216.5 cm
s48/g58/w216.5 cm
s90/g90/w216.5 cm
s96.5/g45/w216.5 cm
s50/g45/w213.5 cm
s39.5/g56/w213.5 cm
s56/g56/w213.5 cm
s98/g47.5/w131 cm
s97.5/g47/w101 cm
s144.5/g47/w101 cm
s80/g80/w35 cm
s51.5/g42/w40.5 cm
s100/g42/w79 cm
s50/g36/w46 cm
s70/g3.5/w50 cm
s140/g65/w75 cm
s140/g120/w76 cm
s180.5/g45/w37 cm
s137/g45/w44.5 cm
s90/g20/w30 cm

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Telephone No +48 61 81 51 783