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Need an idea for a teen bedroom?
The Concept line brilliantly stores everything that matters to teens.
And when your child wants a change,
all you have to do is replace the colour of the fronts and presto - a new room.
Azure, red, saffron and oak - choose the front colour and give
the room a unique feel.
s153/g55/w201.5 cm
s103.5/g55/w201.5 cm
s105/g45/w201.5 cm
s53.5/g45/w201.5 cm
s103.5/g45/w96.5 cm
s103.5/g45/w71.5 cm
s53.5/g45/w71.5 cm
s103.5/g45/w46.5 cm
Desk II
s127/g60/w76 cm
od s95/d204.5/w93 cm
s95.5/d206/w87 cm
s53.5/g45/w46.5 cm

Recommended doors, floors and walls for the collection Concept

Decorative accessories for the collection Concept

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Online store helpline +48 61 81 51 783 (8:00 - 16:00)