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The Custom lounge suite is composed of modular seats
with seat and back cushions which may be freely combined.
Below the seats, there are two drawers - a wide and
narrow - ideal for storing small items.
Each of the drawers has two front colours - just turn
the drawer on its wheels to have the furniture front in oak
or in dark or light grey.
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Specials strips of anti-slip mat keep the cushions in place, and the back of the seat holds the back cushion. The textures and colours of the cushions allow you to The Custom furniture offers freedom of arrangement, and adapting your favourite room to your mood or temporary needs becomes a pure pleasure. The Custom table has a top divided into four parts, each of which opens. One of them has a lifted top (you can install the top to lift beyond the perimeter of the table The Custom collection has been designed by Joanna Leciejewska.

s90/d90/w65 cm
od s92/g16/22/w35 cm
s90.5/g90.5/w30 cm
od s92/g16/22/w35 cm
od s92/g16/22/w35 cm

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Telephone No +48 61 81 51 783