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Elegant collection with furniture in geometric shapes.
It offers a modern reference to the icons of architecture
from the mid 20th century and the principle of
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The linear alignment is additionally underlined by the colours - the fronts of the furniture are a combination of three complementary natural colours: beige, taupe and dark brown. The furniture is made of a modern laminate board, and the fronts remain per The Hifi collection was designed by Marta Krupińska.

s120/g66.5/w200 cm
s40/g47/w61.5 cm
s105/g40/w231.5 cm
s30/g32.5/w180 cm
s130-180-230-280-330/g90/w78 cm
s135/g57/w104.5 cm
s35/g34.5/w21.5 cm
s180/g57/w21.5 cm
s115-138.5/g57.5/w43 cm
s140/g57.5/w76.5 cm
od s139.5/d205/w28.5 cm
s95/d205.5/w83 cm
s160/g3.5/w133.5 cm
s48.5/g57/w20 cm
s100/g47/w76.5 cm
s46/g37/w43 cm
s140/g20/w29.5 cm
s120/g20/w4 cm

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Telephone No +48 61 81 51 783