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An elegant collection with furniture in geometric shapes.
It offers a modern reference to the architecture icons
from the mid-20th century and to the principle of
"less is more" introduced by Mies van der Rohe.
The furniture shapes are based on a cuboid form,
while the whole collection is comprised of modules,
which can be arranged freely.
Consequently, each arrangement is unique, because
it is created from the collection elements (modules)
of your choice such as cabinets, shelves, wardrobes,
bookcases, etc. Boundaries between each piece of
furniture are blurred thanks to a combination of horizontal
and vertical lines. Also the irregular shapes of bookcases
and cabinets can make up a kind of sculpture.
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The linear alignment is additionally underlined by the colours - the furniture fronts are a combination of three natural colours which complement each other: beige, taupe and dark brown. The furniture is made of a modern laminate board. Moreover, the fronts are ideally smooth and without handles thanks to the push-to-open system. The furniture from the Hifi by Vox collection is ideally suited to the living room and to the study. The Hifi collection was designed by Marta Krupińska.

s140/g57.5/w76.5 cm
s160/g3.5/w133.5 cm
s46/g37/w43 cm

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Online store helpline +48 61 81 51 783 (8:00 - 16:00)