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The Nest collection is a safe microcosm,
which lets the youngest enjoy creative fun and learning.
It also helps teenagers with creative exploration
and expression of their emotions.
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And all of this is to help children to boldly create their own dream world. Childhood is the time of imagination, which is unlimited in children. It should be cultivated from the youngest years in order to preserve it until adulthood.
s66.5/g95/w202 cm
s84/g39.5/w25.5 cm
s125/g42/w52.5 cm
s57/g39.5/w25.5 cm
s140/g67/w74 cm
s140.5/d205/w173.5 cm
s140.5/d205/w173.5 cm
s94.5/g52/w89.5 cm
s44.5/g41.5/w28.5 cm
s28.5/g41.5/w19 cm
s95.5/d206/w76 cm
s95/d206/w76 cm
s70/g19.5/w22 cm
s24/g62/w1 cm
s24/g62/w1 cm

Recommended doors, floors and walls for the collection Nest

Decorative accessories for the collection Nest

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Online store helpline +48 61 81 51 783 (8:00 - 16:00)