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Romeo i Julia, the collection which enjoyed the appreciation of our customers for many years,
now has a new splendour: the "Brzoza Polska" decorative element which looks to nature
and the handles inspired by jewellery made of sailing ropes.
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The "Brzoza Polska" decorative element was designed by Tomek Rygalik for the companies Interprint and Pfleiderer, and then it was selected by VOX Furniture fo The handles made of sailing lines were designed by Anna Orska. You may tie them in knots, adding different decorative details, souvenirs from holidays, a dried rose from the first romantic date. A light, pure form with original, sentimental details. This is a collection for the bedroom. All the furniture has a classic shade of the decorative element inspired by the Ojców birch.
s100/g100/w220 cm
s90/g55/w220 cm
s45/g55.5/w220 cm
s50/g26/w220 cm
od s145.5/d218/w93.5 cm
s50/g32/w40.5 cm
s110/g44/w78 cm
s100/g26/w40 cm
s53.5/g8/w219.5 cm

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Telephone No +48 61 81 51 783