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Furniture from the Simple collection may be arranged in many ways,
combining colours and selecting legs. Here, everything fits.
We checked and we know that each configuration looks great.
With Simple you can create different interiors whatever your needs and preferences.


s101.5/g103.5/w185.5 cm
s2.5/g2.5/w1.5 cm
s2.5/g2.5/w1.5 cm
s148.5/g38/w185.5 cm
s107.5/g2/w109 cm
s156/g2/w65 cm
s116.5/g2/w21.5 cm
s178.5/d4.5/w9 cm
s158.5/d4.5/w9 cm
s138.5/d4.5/w9 cm
s118.5/d4.5/w9 cm
s95.5/d2.5/w89.5 cm
s95.5/d206/w68.5 cm
s106.5/g2/w65 cm
s10/g4.5/w10 cm
s31.5/g30/w90 cm
s31.5/g30/w31.5 cm
s140-190-240-290-340/g90/w78 cm
s110-160-210/g110/w78 cm
s15/g3.5/w4 cm
s3.5/g3.5/w12 cm
s16.5/g3.5/w12.5 cm

Recommended doors, floors and walls for the collection Simple

Decorative products for the collection Simple

s14.5/g7/w7.5 cm
Telephone No +48 61 81 51 783
Telephone No +48 61 81 51 783