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Discover a product which changes
with its owner. This collection
is aimed both at children
starting school as well as at youths.
s90.5/g92/w213.5 cm
s70/g57/w213.5 cm
s35.5/g37.5/w213.5 cm
s70/g37.5/w213.5 cm
s70/g36/w213.5 cm
s40.5/g32.5/w154 cm
s70/g37.5/w104.5 cm
s36.5/g37.5/w53.5 cm
s70/g37.5/w53.5 cm
s100/g36/w53.5 cm
s78/g68/w54.5 cm
s142.5/g68/w87 cm
s94.5/d214.5/w198.5 cm
s102/d214.5/w200.5 cm
s94.5/d214.5/w83.5 cm
s94.5/d214.5/w83.5 cm
s70/g23/w38.5 cm
od s11.5/g11/w7.5 cm

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Online store helpline +48 61 81 51 783