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We have created a completely new world for those who already live with the Young Users collection and those who are only thinking about a room open to creativity. The crazy and colourful Young Users collection has now grown up to the expectations of teenagers and even slightly order youth. Its new, more subdued face will enable a warm and close-to-nature character to be added to the interiors.
s97/g93/w30.5 cm
s95.5/d205.5/w70 cm
s106.5/g31.5/w106.5 cm
s48.5/g29/w48.5 cm
s45.5/g45.5/w1 cm
s44.5/g44.5/w1 cm

Decorative accessories for the collection Young Users Eco

Online store helpline +48 61 81 51 783 (8:00 - 16:00)
Online store helpline +48 61 81 51 783 (8:00 - 16:00)