Product description


Soffit board is a roofing material installed under the eaves of the roof directly to the rafters or to a grate fixed to them. The soffit board hides imperfections in the roof structure, but above all it protects the roof from the damage and being infested with insects, rodents and birds (especially swallows).

VOX soffit board is perfect – durable, lightweight, non-toxic and non-flammable material resistant to rotting, rust, mould, fungus, as well as all kinds of insects and pests. Perforations in the soffit boards ensure proper ventilation of the roof.

You do not need to maintain or paint the soffit board, and the increased rigidity of the boards ensures easy and quick installation.

VOX soffit board is not only a practical solution, but also an attractive roof finish. Modern thermal printing technology guarantees versatile and easy to match colours – white, graphite or brown, as well as imitates the pattern of natural wood – walnut or golden oak (NATURE collection).

Product characteristics:

  • CLICK System

    CLICK System

  • Increased panel stiffness

    Increased panel stiffness

  • Excellent ventilation

    Excellent ventilation

  • Wood-based structure

    Wood-based structure

  • Moisture resistant

    Moisture resistant

  • Resistance to changing weat...

    Resistance to changing weather conditions

  • No painting and maintenance...

    No painting and maintenance required

  • Easy to be kept clean

    Easy to be kept clean

  • Quick installation

    Quick installation

  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

  • Guarantee of quality for years

    Guarantee of quality for years


This is a web application which shows the selected façade cladding on the building. It will also help to calculate the amount of product you need for your investment.

Technical data


  • SV/SVP-07 – Perforated soffit board

  • SV/SVP-08 – Non-perforated soffit board


  • SV/SVP-15 J-trim

  • SV/SVP-18 Joint trim


Read the instructions before installing the product. Before you start the work, check the purchased goods carefully for manufacturing defects. Please note that the product installed at variance with the instructions shall not be covered by the warranty.

Assembly tutorial video:

Assembly instructions:

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