Underlay Max-Pod Antislip Max

Product description

Floor accessories are additional products that should not be missing when installing the floor.
The rich range of underlays available on the market can make you get a real vertigo. Fortunately, at VOX everything is much simpler. You can choose from four high-quality underlays developed for different types of flooring.

Max-Pod Antislip Max is a modern high density polyethylene underlay. It is distinguished by a non-slip layer protecting the delicate fasteners of vinyl panels from damage. Ideal for floor heating – it conducts heat much better than traditional polystyrene underlays.
Especially recommended under vinyl floors, but also for use under wooden floors and floor panels.


  • thickness - 1.2 mm
  • acoustic improvement RWS - 8%
  • acoustic insulation IS - 16 dB
  • resistance to short-time loads CS - 200 KPa
  • resistance to static loads CC - >50 kPa
  • compensation of local unevenness PC - 0.95 mm
  • thermal resistance TR - 0,024 m2 K/W
  • moisture protection SD - >75 m
  • protection against falling objects RLB - 800 mm

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