Skirting board Esquero

1. Colours
601 white
602 sycamore arizona
603 californian sycamore
604 sycamore bianco
605 western sycamore
606 gnarly oak
607 mexican sycamore
608 red oak
609 scots pine
610 acorn oak
611 mountain pine
612 cork oak
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Product description


The ESQUERO skirting board has something in it that makes the interior more stylish. This something is a result of several important features: the height of 6.66 cm, making ESQUERO the highest skirting board in the range; a simple form that matches any interior; colour range matching the colours of the floors most commonly used in Europe; and a place to hide electrical wires.

If we add to that easy assembly and an optimum price for such a high quality, then we get the best ending of this text and the best finish of each wall.

Product properties:

  • A wide range of colours

    A wide range of colours

  • Perfectly matching accessories

    Perfectly matching accessories

  • Quick installation

    Quick installation

  • Cable chamber

    Cable chamber

  • Perfect masking and protect...

    Perfect masking and protection against dust

Technical data


  • Dimensions


  • Inside corner

  • Hammer plug

  • Cover cap left

  • cover cap right

  • connector

  • Outside corner


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