Skirting board estilo E501

Product description


When constructing the ESTILO skirting board, we thought not only about what it would look like in a room and how it would work in the enviroment, but also about what it would look like in a few years and what else it would add to the interior.

ESTILO is modern yet simple, so it suits both classic and bolder interiors. Made of MDF, it is a high quality skirting board, and once installed it will be indestructible for many years, it will not fall off the wall. It is the first MDF skirting board on the market to provide such a robust installation. It also has an in-built cable routing chamber.

ESTILO's flexibilty alows it to cope with the wall irregularities, and fits perfectly to the wall. Thanks to its special protection, the ESTILO skirting board does not absorb water and does not deform under its influence.

Easy to install: just place the board on the wall, drill the holes and fasten it using quick-fixing pins.

Easy to connect in corners: just cut it at the right angle or use special accessories. An impressive easy to fit Skirting board.

Product characteristics:

  • Unprecedented installation ...

    Unprecedented installation – durable, fast and aesthetic

  • Flexibility allows fastenin...

    Flexibility allows fastening to uneven walls

  • Cable chamber

    Cable chamber

  • Impact strength

    Impact strength

  • Moisture resistant

    Moisture resistant

  • Quick instalation

    Quick instalation

  • Highest quality of digital ...

    Highest quality of digital print used

  • Innovative


  • Competitive price

    Competitive price

Technical data


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