Underlay Max-Pod SD Professional

    Underlay Max-Pod SD Professional

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      Floor accessories are additional products that should not be missing when installing the floor.
      The rich range of underlays available on the market can make you get a real vertigo. Fortunately, at VOX everything is much simpler. You can choose from four high-quality underlays developed for different types of flooring.

      Max-Pod SD Professional is a polyethylene underlay with an integrated vapor barrier, and increased sound absorption capacity. It is easy to assemble due to the integrated vapor barrier with an overlap and adhesive tape. The surface of the underlay is perfectly smooth when expanded – even at the edges. This underlay is designed for wooden floors and floor panels.



      • thickness - 2 mm
      • acoustic improvement RWS - 12%
      • acoustic insulation IS - 20 dB
      • resistance to short-time loads CS - 60 KPa
      • resistance to static loads CC - >25 kPa
      • compensation of local unevenness PC - 1.40 mm
      • thermal resistance TR - 0,037 m2 K/W
      • moisture protection SD - >75 m
      • protection against falling objects RLB - 1250 mm

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      Product characteristics

      For laminate floors
      For wooden floors
      Thickness 2 mm
      Thermal conduction
      Load resistance
      Protection against moisture
      Sound insulation
      Eco - 97% natural ingredients
      Quick installation
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