Product description


Vifront siding is a perfect reproduction of wooden facades. This system is suitable for all kinds of buildings -both brick and wooden.
Cladding is perfect for residential, public and industrial buildings. A wide range of colours and a wooden structure positively influences the aesthetics of a building.
Low weight and ease of transport allows for assembly during any season using basic tools, even on your own. The cladding does not require any maintenance or painting throughout the whole life cycle.
It is a non-toxic construction material, resistant to weather conditions, biological agents and most chemicals. It is perfect for thermally insulated buildings and provides facade ventilation. A comprehensive range of accessories accelerates assembly.

Product properties:

  • Water resistant

    Water resistant

  • Guarantee of quality for years

    Guarantee of quality for years

  • Thermal conduction

    Thermal conduction

  • Acoustic insulation

    Acoustic insulation

  • Assembly with glue

    Assembly with glue

  • Safe in contact with food

    Safe in contact with food

  • Scratch resistant

    Scratch resistant

  • Lightweight for easy transp...

    Lightweight for easy transport and installation

  • Resistant to UV rays

    Resistant to UV rays

  • 100% recyclable

    100% recyclable

  • High impact strength

    High impact strength


It is a web application which presents the selected façade cladding on a building. It will also help you to calculate the amount of product necessary for your investment.

Technical data



  1. a specially shaped edge provides wind-resistance
  2. mounting holes to make installation easier
  3. surface structure imitating natural wood
  4. atractive look - colours and grain patterns perfectly imitate original wood

The resistance of the material the vinyl siding is made of significantly exceeds the resistance of its wooden prototype while retaining the appearance (wood-imitating imprint). Resistance to changing atmospheric conditions (humidity, low and high temperatures, solar radiation, wind), biological agents (insects, moulds) and most chemicals ensures many years of trouble-free use. The durability of the facade is also ensured by the structure of the panels itself – the specially profiled edge at the mounting holes further blocks the fixing screws. Such a design, referred to as "hurricane-proof", protects the panel from detaching from the building’s wall even during very strong winds. Studies conducted by independent institutes* show that the use of vinyl siding (as well as other types of polymer facades) due to its very long period of use, ease of transport and full recyclability has a much less negative impact on the environment than the use of such materials as wood or brick. 

*National Association of Home Builders
U.S. Green Building Council


  • SV(P)-01 Double-beveled panel

  • SV(P)-05 Flat panel


  • SV-11 Starting trim

  • SV(P)-12 Outside corner

  • SV(P)-13 Inside corner

  • SV(P)-14 Finishing trim

  • SV(P)-15 J-trim

  • SV-16 Drip edge

  • SV-17 Window flashing

  • SV(P)-18 Joint trim

  • SV-19 Facade flashing

  • SV-20 Facade flashing, large


Read the manual before assembling the product. Before you start the work, inspect the purchased goods carefully for manufacturing defects. Please note that the product installed at variance with the instructions shall void the warranty.

Assembly tutorial video:

Assembly manual:


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